Business Consultants


SYBRAXI Business Consulting provides consultancy and investment services to businesses and individuals. The head office of the company is in Kalamata, Greece. We also have support offices in Bulgaria and Romania.

The experience of SYBRAXI Consulting goes back to 2001. Through this period, the executives and associates of the company have been exclusively offering consultancy services to businesses, either as individuals or as members of other companies.

SYBRAXI Consulting is active in three different fields:

  • Consultancy services for businesses
  • Liaising and support for businesses in their trade transactions in Bulgaria and Romania.
  • Transnational co-operation and mobility.

Sectors of Activity

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Our Aim and Commitment

We Aim at and are Committed to providing businesses, with realistic and innovative development solutions. We offer QUALITY and AFFORDABLE services that are delivered on time, with professional integrity and courtesy. We ask the appropriate questions, determine the issues to be addressed and suggest optimal solutions.The project implementation strategy of SYBRAXI Consulting is founded on the principle of providing customised solutions, adapted to the needs of each specific business.


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Chr. Pagoni 14Α, Kalamata Postal Code 24100

Tel. (0030) 27210-28925

Fax (0030) 27210-82444


Supportive Offices:    



Sofia, "Pavlovo-Bukston" 3 Belmeken str.

Tel. (00359) 2-8081144 Fax (00359) 2-808114


Bucuresti, Calea Grivitei nr 24, Sector 1

Τηλ. (004) 078802471 Fax (004) 0318158702