SYBRAXI Business Consulting provides consultancy and investment services to businesses and individuals. The head office of the company is in Kalamata, Greece. We also have support offices in Bulgaria and Romania.

The experience of SYBRAXI Consulting goes back to 2001. Through this period, the executives and associates of the company have been exclusively offering consultancy services to businesses, either as individuals or as members of other companies.

The personnel of SYBRAXI Consulting are well-trained and combine experience to scientific knowledge, specialisation, professionalism and ethics. The solutions we provide cover a wide range of business needs and pursuits, and are adapted to the demanding, contemporary market. The services SYBRAXI Consulting provides make it more than just a consultant. SYBRAXI is a true ally, offering businesses the support they need to achieve their goals and strengthen their presence in the market.

Our executives hold:

  • Study Degrees in the following categories:
    • Category 3: Financial Studies
    • Category 5: Organisation and Operational Research Studies
  • Certificate of Inspector of Food Safety Systems
  • Certificate of ISO 9001:2008 Chief Inspector

SYBRAXI Consulting is able to respond to the increasing needs of businesses, in the contemporary, complex market conditions.

We Aim at and are Committed to providing businesses, with realistic and innovative development solutions. We offer QUALITY and AFFORDABLE services that are delivered on time, with professional integrity and courtesy. We ask the appropriate questions, determine the issues to be addressed and suggest optimal solutions.

The project implementation strategy of SYBRAXI Consulting is founded on the principle of providing customised solutions, adapted to the needs of each specific business. For this purpose, dedicated Project teams, consisting of executives of SYBRAXI and executives from the co-operating company, are set up. Through the synergy of knowledge, experience and power, we achieve the best result for the business.

The Vision of SYBRAXI Consulting is to establish permanent and stable relations of trust and cooperation with the businesses.